Welcome to the official website of Xiamen Ranneng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.!

Ranneng Environmental Protection was established in 2012. The company is located in the second phase of the software park in Siming District, Xiamen. It is a comprehensive service provider engaged in environmental protection engineering investment, construction, operation, environmental protection equipment research and development, production and sales, environmental protection technology consulting and software development. Environmental companies. The company's main business is the treatment of volatile organic waste gas (core technology: zeolite runner concentration adsorption + RTO regenerative oxidation method, adsorption concentration + RCO catalytic combustion method, zeolite runner concentration adsorption + CO furnace catalytic combustion method), malodorous gases Treatment (core technology: biological drip filter bed), landfill leachate treatment (core technology: nitrification and denitrification biological treatment + membrane filtration), leachate concentrated liquid treatment (core technology: high pressure DTRO + MVR), municipal sewage treatment (core technology : A2 / O + MBR membrane), industrial wastewater treatment (core technology: micro-electrolytic strong oxidation + biochemical treatment), rural domestic sewage treatment (core technology: integrated treatment device) and soil remediation, etc. The business model includes PPP (BOT, BOO, ROT, TOT), EPC, engineering general contracting and commissioned design, contracted operation, technical consulting and equipment sales and other diversified services.

Ran Neng Environmental Protection is a backbone enterprise of Fujian Environmental Protection Industry Association and a high-tech enterprise in Fujian. It is an outstanding member unit of Fujian Environmental Protection Industry Association. The company has the design level B qualification (air pollution control project, water pollution control project) issued by the Ministry of Construction, the third level of general contracting for municipal public works, the third level of professional contracting for environmental protection engineering, the third level of general contracting for construction electrical installation engineering, Production license, a number of ISO certification systems, a number of patented technologies, and a triple A credit rating. The company has established environmental protection equipment R & D, production bases and electrical automation branches in Fuzhou.

The company and the Third Marine Research Institute (National Key Laboratory of Biotechnology) of the Ministry of Natural Resources have set up a research and development team to cultivate domesticated superior bacteria for municipal odor, sludge disposal, landfill leachate, kitchen waste, kitchen waste and other industries. , Especially successful experience and case in high concentration of odor. At the same time, through years of hard work, Ran Neng has independently developed a number of product technologies, passed the application and verification of multiple projects, and gained the trust and support of many customers. Ran Neng will, as always, work hard for the great strategy of "green mountains, green mountains, and golden mountains and silver mountains".