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挥发性有机废气治理、恶臭气体治理、垃圾渗滤液治理、市政污水治理、工业废水处理... Popular keywords: volatile organic waste gas treatment, malodorous gas treatment, landfill leachate treatment, municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment ...
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    Treatment of organic waste gas

    At present, for domestic and international industrial waste gas treatment, organic waste gas treatment methods mainly include physical methods, chemical methods, biological methods, including adsorption, direct combustion, catalytic combustion, chemical oxidation, biological filter and other treatment methods

  • 2019-01 28 2019-01

    Purification of organic waste gas

    The adsorption method is to pass organic waste gas through a packed bed filled with an adsorbent, and adsorb organic matter to reduce air pollution. The key lies in the performance of the selected adsorbent. High-performance adsorbents should have large adsorption capacity, uniform adsorption pore size, and easy regeneration.

  • 2019-01 28 2019-01

    Wastewater treatment

    The pre-treatment wastewater comes from the degreasing and phosphating surface treatment of the surface before painting, and contains emulsified oil, surfactants, phosphates, heavy metal ion fillers, solvents and so on. Electrophoretic paint wastewater is generated during the cleaning process of floating paint and tank liquid attached to the coating

  • 2019-01 28 2019-01

    Development prospects of water treatment technology

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting heavier, and the government will pay more attention to it. The pursuit of a healthy and green life is also the general trend, and the water treatment equipment industry has good development prospects.

Xiamen Ranneng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Ranneng Environmental Protection was established in 2012. The company is located in the second phase of the software park in Siming District, Xiamen. It is a comprehensive service provider engaged in environmental protection engineering investment, construction, operation, environmental protection equipment research and development, production and sales, environmental protection technology consulting and software development. Environmental companies. The company's main business is volatile organic waste gas treatment (core technology: zeolite runner concentration adsorption + RTO regenerative oxidation method, adsorption concentration + catalytic combustion method), malodorous gas treatment (core technology: biological drip filter bed), garbage infiltration Filtrate treatment, municipal sewage treatment ...