Welcome to the official website of Xiamen Ranneng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.!

The color of the company logo is dark blue, which means the sea, and the sea has the mind of hundreds of rivers. Chinese electricians can accept and attract all kinds of talents, come together for common development, and jointly create a new world of business. The dark blue also implies the blue sky. The Chinese electrician advocates the concept of clean energy and environmental protection, which echoes the Chinese electrician's mission to "send human light and warmth, but also natural blue sky".

The logo consists of capital letters CNEEC, which is an abbreviation for CHINA NATIONAL ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT CORPORATION. C means China; N is like lightning, and beyond C, it means the power industry to which we belong. At the same time, lightning represents energy, meaning passion and aggressive spirit. It is the driving force for Chinese electricians to go abroad and base themselves on the world. EEC is italic, dynamic and energetic. It means that CLP people are full of passion. With the enthusiasm of work and the spirit of enthusiasm, the company is rolling forward and growing. The logo of China Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. consists of the Chinese character "中 电" and the English name CHINA NATIONAL ELECTRIC ENGINEERING CO., LTD. The graphic design of Chinese characters and letters not only enriches the artistic connotation of the logo, but also has the characteristics of an international image.